Businesses and Universities

If your looking for an opportunity to start your own business in a burgeoning new activity or simply add Knockerball® to your existing lineup you are definitely in the right place.  Hundreds of entrepreneurs,  sports facilities, camps and churches have already developed a customer following and appear to be thriving.  Take advantage of Knockerball® USA’s national advertising across multiple venues including national Cable and Broadcast networks,  internet, and promotional events across the country. Knockerball® is the only brand in  the world that continues to build consumer awareness,  drive customers to independent Knockerball® contractors, and provide you the tools and services you need to book rental events literally from day one.  
The advantages are significant and continue to grow.  There are no on-going fees for you to pay and you will enjoy all the benefits of becoming a family member such as web design, insurance contacts and introduction, discounts on apparel up to 40%,  promotional and customized flyers for your events, support from other KB contractors through our vibrant and extensive forum.  Coming in May contractors will be the recipient of targeted viral advertising driving even more consumers to their websites and even receiving royalty payments for purchases of product via your website.  
We are unarguably the world leader in this category and it's our mission to grow the sport and ultimately success for you and the Knockerball® brand.  Call us at 800-583-7250 ext 208 with any questions and a team leader will be glad to answer any questions you may have or just fill out the form below.  

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